Joshua Tree Flip needs Private Money, $65K Purchase, ARV $120K

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Finally made time for a new Direct Mail campaign and got some leads. Looking for private money to partially finance purchase cost; fix money covered. Current small SFR short-term (60-90 days) flip details as follows:

Joshua Tree, 7 minutes from downtown, North of highway, h2o/elec. present, septic, paved access.

ARV +$120k (low end)

Purchase price $65K 

Improvements ~$20K (covered)

700sq ft SFR, 1bd/1ba

2.4+ acres, views

Market still very warm here for L.A. buyers and Air BnB holders; project will move quickly to take advantage of this.

Looking locally as well and will take best terms ASAP. New as a project leader, but my team is amazing and I'm bringing a lot of $kin into it. 

Please private message for more details and with your terms. Happy to share my flipping/repair experience and tie-ins with the local contractors and subs. Pics of previous rehabs and design styles available.

More leads to come; a long term relationship would be ideal.

Several contacts made, thank you. Still looking...

Financing secured outside of BP, thanks for looking.  Still interested in partners and lenders for larger equity projects in the near future.  Will update after this small project!

Interested in future deals. Especially anything with sub-$100k needed

Evan Bell, HKE Homebuyers | [email protected] | 4803821313

Hi Duke,

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