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Hi! I am looking for a hard money lender to build a relationship with. I operate in Sacramento. I have 3 units in Sacramento, but have only been using my own money for deals. I am seeking to increase volume as I have found a number of great opportunities. I am a California licensed attorney and real estate agent (soon to be broker). I practice real estate law so I am very familiar with real estate transactions.

@Embert Madison jr   Feel free to reach out to me as we offer no doc and light doc programs with rates starting as low as 6.99%.  We are direct lenders and are aggressively looking for projects in CA to lend on.  I have attached our flyer as well with our program overviews for you to review.

Happy to try and assist . Local to ca market. Just posted on on my linked feed today an article regarding all the new home communities in sacramento

Hi Embert,

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Hey Embert, I would love to connect with you about building a long term funding relationship. Triumph Capital has a $1B line of capital to lend on, and would love a shot at helping you increase your volume. Send me an email with your contact info and we can set up a call to talk in detail: [email protected]

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