Hard money lender for Chicago

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I am looking for a hard money lender who will finance properties in Chicago.  please email me.  properties are located primarily in 60617 and total loan size would be between 50 - 100k.  



Seems like lenders have started having restrictions in IL due to increased defaults over the past year. If your credit is higher than 725 I can do it :-)

@Patrick Britton I highly recommend Lima One Capital. I just finished a rehab using them in the same zip code. 

We can do this loan, but we have a minimum of 100K, please give me an email address so I can send info.  Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss

We can lend in Chicago we also require minimum of 100K but have a great fix and flip program. Email me at [email protected] for more information. 

@Maria C Quimpo I know Renovo has a big market share in Chicago, but man they are expensive.  They must market very well.

@Nghi Le I agree Nghi, the network we've developed because of them makes it worth it though. Who is your go to hard money lender?

@Maria C Quimpo

I've borrowed from a dozen different HMLs and have some varying experiences.  I'm actually not from Chicago, but I have a flip going on there right now.  I tend to use the more national lenders these days.

Will PM you.

Hi - Wanted to follow-up on this post. @Patrick Britton who did you end up going with?  My brother and I are looking into multi-families in 60612.

sorry @Nghi Le @Christopher M. @Alec McCullough  @Reginald Truss , etc.  i never got a notification from Bigger Pockets that you had replied.  

@Nghi Le yes, my credit is higher.  i'll shoot you a message.  

@Christopher M. the problem with Lima One is there min loan amount.  I thought it was 100k?

@Maria C Quimpo   yes i spoke with Eric @ Renovo.  Very friendly and helpful.  I'll definitely consider using them when it comes to anything fix and flip (or refi) related.  

I still need an email address, thanks

Reggie Truss

I can do down to $75k in Chicago with a 600+ FICO.

Upfront draws available, and interest rates start in the 8s

3 - 5 points


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