Townhouse Near Army Base - Tenant Occupid

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Price $79,000
Location 144 S Springview Dr, 144, Enterprise, AL, 36330
Property Details


  • Current Rent: $800
  • Square Footage: 1404
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2.5
  • Occupied: Yes
  • Lot Size:

I had to move because I'm in the military, but this is a great place! It's right out the gate of Fort Rucker, Alabama, which is where all of our helicopter pilots train. This is one of if not the most popular spots for them to live, so vacancy has never been an issue. Plus, pilots are much less likely to bash a head through a door...

It's got 2 full bathrooms upstairs (1 master and 1 hallway) and 1 half bath downstairs. It had new flooring put in in 2015, and while I lived in it I added some value by installing a paver brick back patio space for grilling. Hoping to avoid the hassle of selling through an agent at long distance since I don't have any contacts in that area anymore.

APOD attached to this post. NOI - $5889

It's tenant occupied, currently under management with a local PM. Standing by to answer any questions! Zillow deleted the old pictures that used to be filed under the address, I'll keep looking and post once I get some, I'll email the PM.  

Updated over 1 year ago

This is for sale in case that’s not clear!

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