37 unit apartment complex for sale in Cleveland, Ohio

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I am selling my 37 unit apartment complex in Cleveland, OH. It is very cash flow positive at current occupancy rate, with a value add opportunity to boot. My crew can knock out the remaining work in less than 2 months and you could be at full occupancy. 

If you have interest in learning more, connect with me privately and I can send you the offering memorandum.

I’ve had several questions about why I’m selling this property, so I figured I would clarify. 

I am starting a new business with my oldest son, and I am freeing up cash to support that opportunity. I have done well with this property in a short time, and I’m in a good position profit wise. This is a great deal that will be cash flow positive year one even with the rehab costs.

I have some flexibility on price. I’m more interested in building a new business with my son than squeezing every dollar out of this project. 

Not everything in life is about money. Hope this helps for those who had questions.

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