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Hi, I am completely new to real estate investing and I have decided to get into wholesaling since I do not have a lot of money to do much of anything else at the moment. I hope to make some cash wholesaling to then invest in fix and flips or rental properties. I have done a bit of research and I understand the process decently well, and I would like to take this to the next step. I live in Orlando, FL and I was wondering if there are any investors out there who are willing to help me get started in the business.


@James Raez

Have you been to the local REIA meetings? There are always people there who are doing wholesaling and would be happy to help you out.

@Shawn G. makes a good point. CFRI has a monthly meeting out of Edgewater High School. Pretty large chapter that has plenty of time to network and meet some of the vendors that hang out in the lobby. 

Another point is to truly understand what you want to do. I'm bias towards buy and hold for a first investment, but there are arguments for both (https://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/2013/07/23/wholesaling-strategy-beginner-experienced-investor/). 

Depending on your finances, the money you would use to wholesale, you could put down on a duplex or triplex and move in using an FHA loan. Then partner with someone at one of those CFRI meetings on your first wholesale (or flip) and learn something. By partner, I'm not necessarily meaning someone is going to give you a piece of the pie for offering nothing in value, but someone you can follow through the steps and learn.

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