Seeking Smaller Private / Hard Money for Whole-Tailing Strategy

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Seeking Smaller Private / Hard Money for Whole-Tailing Strategy


  • Buying and closing on subject property at a significant discount over current market condition value.
  • Re-listing subject property on the MLS at current market price for profit with little to no rehab completed on subject property.


  • Seeking to broaden and increase company revenues and profit by pursuing Whole-Tailing Strategy on future deals when such strategy will result in the largest profit / revenue compared to pursuing traditional Wholesale Strategy


  • Seeking Private / Hard Money Loans in the amount of $15,000-$50,000 with 90%-100% financing (purchase price plus small rehab budget (clean-out, possible paint and flooring) provided when needed.
  • Competitive closing points and interest rates with an average acceptable borrowing time-frame of 1-3 months.
  • Will provide full subject property CMA, exit strategies, projected profits, projected rehab, etc.


  • Began learning real-estate general principles and strategies in 2015-Present
  • Launched company in January 2016
  • Closed first SFR Wholesale Deal in March 2016
  • Closed 15 Assignment Wholesale Deals to date

If you or your business is interested in doing providing this service to my company and doing business together please reach out to me via, BP, email, text, or phone call at my contact information listed within my profile to discuss.

Possible. My goal the majority of the time would be to buy the property and then turn around and list it on the MLS within a day or two at a price that would lead to a quick sale but more profit than just assigning it via a traditional wholesale deal.

If the house is really messy I may need a week to get it cleaned out and then list it.
In those cases I could see being able to close in 60 days or less.

What are you points, interest rates, etc and what’s your minimum loan amount?

If I need to clean it out and do a light rehab like paint and flooring it might take a few weeks for that plus time to sell. In that case I might need longer than 60 days but I could always use a different loan company for those deals and use your company for the deals that I’m simple buying and relisting and can expect to close in 60 days or less.

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