AirBnb Property Management!!

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Dear all BiggerPocketeers! 

I've been hosting AirBnbs for almost a year now and feel very confident in my system of providing great value to the guests while also garnering the highest possible return for the landlord. AirBnb is a very seasonal business. In the peak season, you can get upwards of 2x-3x market rent whereas in the Winter you will right around the market rate.

Let me take over the management of your AirBnb so that your rental income can truly be passive! 


Hello there! I'm writing you because I've been asked to be a co-host and manage an airbnb.  I own a few now, but they are my own.  Do you mind sharing your system for management.  I want to make sure I'm fair and reasonable when I forward my proposal.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks!