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Hi there!
My name is Sam, and I'm a newer investor here in the Dallas DFW area.
After months of researching, reading, networking with local contractors/investors/lenders, I am now ready to start taking my first steps into growing my own RE portfolio.

I'm looking for a financial partnership to get this started!

I'm a hardworking family man, married to my beautiful high school sweetheart of 11 years and now with a lovely baby girl, and I believe they deserve a financially stable future, and I know RE will get us there!

Phase one- My goal is to FLIP 2-3 homes this year (2018) to build about 30-50k cash in the bank for stability for my next phase of investing.Phase two- Will be to acquire "BRRRR" (single family/small multi) properties to generate passive income to then build a solid future for my family.

-I have a strong knowledge on RE investment and how to analyze deals and look at the numbers.
-I'm currently connected with local wholesalers and agents in my local market who are feeding me deals on a daily basis, all the while driving for dollars looking for deals.
-I have a very solid group General Contractors and subs ready to break ground.
-I've created a good relationship with a handful of highly respected lenders in my area who will be happy to lend me the finances needed to purchase and rehab properties as soon as I have "lenders cushion" or liquid cash in the bank used for closing costs / point / monthly payments.

"How can YOU help"
I'd like to give someone an opportunity to earn high rates of return on very little cash by helping me with the so called "Lenders Cushion" or liquid cash. How you ask? Like I mentioned, I'm a newer investor who is looking to "close successful deals" rather that "make money". So I'm happy to give a generous amount of my profits in order to get the ball rolling.
Like my friend Brandon Turner says, "50% of a good deal is better than 100% of no deal".

Please feel free to contact me for questions/interview/ or to simply know my story!

-Sam Nadar
[email protected] gmail.com

469- 305 -0380

Did you find your partners yet?

Hello @Sam Nadar   Are you still searching for a lender?  I have an unsecured line of credit as well a self directed 401 (K) product that may be of interest to you.  I can be reached at [email protected] or 860-463-9948.  Feel free to reach out anytime.


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