Bradley IL - Subject to deal

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Price $5,000
Location 123 Subject to, Bradley, IL, 60915
Property Details

Single Family Residence

  • Current Rent: $0
  • Square Footage: 900
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1.0
  • Occupied: No
  • Lot Size:

I have a property in Bradley, IL and seller is willing to let it go "subject to". He owes 56K, PITI is $630/month. Needs 10-15K to get rent ready. I'm looking for a 5K fee. Family moves out at the end of this month, and first payment from buyer would be due July 1. Work needed is cosmetic, steps and deck in back need work, needs new wall AC unit, paint, minor drywall work, and spruce up the back yard. Email me if interested [email protected]

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