Buying Funds 15%+ RR annually.

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We are accepting buying funds from regular people (investors), please if your a lender (company) we are not interested.

Money goes in POOL:

-15% minimum returns (expecting 20-25% in 2019)

-Money secured with property

-10 year record

-this is not high risk flipping, only in the buy and hold business markets

-investor may pull funds out after 6 months

To make this post short we are in the position to purchase 1-2 properties a month, (buy and hold) properties.

We have over 20 years experience.

We are interested in small loans with BIG returns!

I’m curious how you can guarantee 15% returns? Even with buy and hold if you are guaranteeing that kind of return the property almost certainly has to be in a war zone and after paying your investors there’s definitely no money left to pay you.

If it sounds to good....

Sorry I’m skeptical. If you have that good of a track record there should be no issue getting money at 5-6%.

Hell, I have a TWO year track record with 22 rentals and 12 flips and I have no issue getting banks to give me their money at 5%.

Good luck

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