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Hi Friends - 

I have seen how investing in a fourplex (and then a second) - helped my parent's - and our family's life change for the better. If you work hard - let your money work for you too! Contact me about how we can find the best deals - and great properties - to fundamentally change your and your family's trajectory. 

My wife and I are invested in Anchorage where we live and the Mat-Su Valley - let me help you with investment grade property in Alaska!

Jamie Rose

@Leon Kanon - What more can I tell you? My parents were/are very hard working people - but working as teachers did not create massive incomes. Yet - what they did - was save up - invest in a fourplex - and see that one building become additionally monthly income. They took that income - and refinanced some of the equity - and got a second fourplex... This then led to being able to afford annual trips in winter for vacation. Eventually they bought another building for rental income - sold off one of the others - and bought their dream home on the lake - and then refinanced the second and were able to go in with cash on a condo in Hawai'i! Now they own appreciating property in Hawai'i - (not the lava flow side of course!) - and we get to bring our kids over there each year to enjoy living the Aloha :)

Hard work + saving and investing + time = dramatic results

I don't know if that answers the questions you might have had - so let me know if it doesn't! Thanks for the chance to share more -

I am passionate to see hard working people invest and be rewarded for their efforts! I want to help people do that in Alaska where I am - but Leon I'd come down to Washington to help you too if I can! 

With thanks,

Jamie Rose

 @Jamie Rose truth to be told i've never looked at Alaska rental market as an option because i never could find a good indicator of rates and vacancies there.  But i would like to hear more and learn...

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@Leon Kanon Our vacancy rate is right around 5% these days - depending upon the property type of course... if you buy nicer/update properties that rent in the 1000-2000 month range they can be leased up with lesser vacancy - going after the super high end and super low end have of course higher vacancy rates. Anchorage is between the ocean and the mountains - so build-able land is already built - future development will have to be knock downs - and our economics don't make that make sense too often yet. You can very often find good investment properties that will meet the 1% rule - and cash flow - while paying down your loan and providing the tax benefits of being discounted for interest payments and depreciation... then - you can travel to beautiful Alaska and write the trip off as a business expense (consult your CPA of course...)! What other rates are you interested in learning more about? 

Jamie Rose

@Jamie Rose , Well just like very investor i am looking for the high CoC, minimal vacancies and great PM that i can trust. For me it doesnt makes sense to only purchase one property as i am an out of state investor, so making sure i know what i am getting in to and having a good team i can count to find me one deal at a time so i can stretch or be creative with financing so i can purchase more is important. And being from WA ... Alaska is almost close enough to be intrigued by the possibilities...

@Leon Kanon - I hear you! I love the CoC - because as a younger investor it helps fuel the repeat investments right - my wife and I own a few properties here - and are navigating the whole PM game - I manage some myself - have a company for some - and do a combination of my dad and tenant management at another...
And - yes - we are your neighbor up here! Alaska Airlines - as you well know - is out of WA
With Washington's new pricing scheme (thanks Amazon... and others) - you probably are not finding a lot of CoC deals on the West side of the state... I'd be happy to be your boots on the ground - or better yet - your local guide - catch a flight up this summer and let's look at some investments! 

@Jamie Rose i dont know about flying over to look at some investments yet, but i would definitely like to see some stats ( the real stats ...not the "awesome cash cow ripe and waiting just for you) stats  :) 

haha ok great - I get it - been there. You've got a deal: you pick a property type - I'll give you real world stats:

4 Plex - Grade A ( lower cap)

4 Plex - Grade B

4 Plex - Grade C

6 Plex - Grade B

Duplex - Grade A 

SFH - Grade B+

12 Unit - Grade B

41 Unit - Grade C

@Jamie Rose lets try the BRRR for SFH somewhere in high solid Cs lower Bs

@Leon Kanon - 

Not on the extensive list of options I gave you! Is this really what you'd be interested in doing from a distance? If so - I'd go into it for you - what pieces of the puzzle do you want to have laid out?

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