Tampa Bay Florida Landlord

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I need help with acquiring rental property in: (Tampa Bay Area) Gibsonton, FL-Phase 1 build home (Highland Homes) Their asking price:$195K. My Sister lives there and will manage it for me. Plan: Utilize First time home buyer at 5% down payment on a 30-year fixed interest only, closing covered within the mortgage.

I am visiting during the entire Thanksgiving week. I'm spending the time with my sister and her family, my nieces. Quality family time is such a precious commodity. I would love to visit anyone in the area, take you out for lunch; maybe even start an impromptu Meetup!

I look forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks for reading.

Where I live: New York, NY

FICO score: 681

2 “W2” jobs for over 3years.

Current annual gross Income: 151K

Monthly Gross income: 12576.00

Total Monthly payments: 1601.00

DTI ratio: 12.73%

Cash-in-hand: $9000+

2017 gross income: 108K; tax return: $20K*

2018 gross income: 129K; tax return: $20K+*

*This is mentioned because I will it for the down payment and all other needed fees.