Looking for real estate agent in des moines, iowa

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Hi All, I"m looking for a real estate agent in the des moines, iowa area. If you are interested in connect please leave a note or private message me. 


Chris Ranallo is my guy! 515.321.1101

Sovannary-   Did you end up contacting the real estate agent?  Did you do any deals with them?

Alecia - How many deals have you done with Chris and what type of deals?  I'm thinking about trying to get into the Iowa market.


@Janna Apostolopoulos I think my agent is excellent. Jason Rude with Remax.

He's helped us close on 5 of 6 deals we have and we plan to keep acquiring more with him. We own 5 SFRs and a MFR now. I've known him for 10 years.

You can google him.



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