Looking for Multi Family in Florida

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Hello Biggerpockets community. I am a local Realtor in the Orlando area. I have searched through everything currently available to me via the MLS, Loopnet and apartment buildings.com. I need Multi Family properties for my clients and there is not a whole lot of inventory with decent returns right now. If anyone knows of any off market properties or properties coming to the Florida market soon, let me know ASAP and let's put a deal together. I am looking for anything that is 2-25 units. Price range up to $1,500,000.

Hi Erin. Can you give me more information as to what a "good" deal would mean to you? Do you want turnkey properties or some maintenance required. Do you need a certain ARV to comps ratio? Do you need the properties occupied with tenants or vacant?

I would be happy to wholesale a deal with you if I knew what your clients were looking to buy.

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