Looking to buy multi-families in Portland, Maine

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I am an individual investor looking for multi-family properties in Portland, Maine. I am open to "residential" multi-families with four units or less or a commercial property with as many units as possible. My preference would be more units, versus less and the price range I am considering is 250k - 2MM. I am targeting properties that satisfy the "1% rule" and have in the ballpark of a 6 cap with room to improve both of those metrics over time. I live in New York, so the success of this mission will heavily rely on me being able to partner with trusted professionals in the local market. Thank you!

@Craig Napoliello Hey Craig. I would highly suggest you start with a call to Linda, the owner of Aquarius property management there in Portland. As an out of state investor myself, Linda has made my investing seamless.

Justin - Thank you very much, I will make sure to give her a call!

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