Needing Private Money.

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Howdy All, 

I am looking for funding to complete 5 project in Wichita Falls TX. They are in need of some serous rehab that was under estimated by my previous GC, who a since been fired from the project. These homes are going to be rented to military members through my companies government housing partnership, meaning the military will be paying the rent directly for 9 months. I have below average credit, but I do have a credit partner who is willing to help me with that. I would need the loan for 6 months to allow for repayment. I have complete breakdowns of what is needed for each home and a contractor lined up to start, but I don't want to have them do work that I can't pay them for. Advice, lenders, and anything else y'all can offer would be very helpful. Thanks.

Total Needed: 


Please call (203) 674-9201 ASAP to discuss

Solomon, maybe we can help, I need an email address, to send you info.  Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss

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This post has been removed.

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