Hello! My name is Brandon. I am a licensed Realtor In Northern Virginia, and if you are an aspiring investor who is renting the place you live, I want to help you take the first logical step in your investing career.

Purchasing your own home in Northern Virginia

(If you do not know what you should be looking for in an investor-friendly real estate agent then check out my BP blog post about it by clicking here)

If you are still renting there is nothing else you should be thinking about except getting into your own home.

Stop giving the landlord your money

Stop missing out on tax benefits

Stop missing out on the appreciation build up

Stop wasting time

There are people right here on biggerpockets, and in Northern Virginia that have been on this forum for the past 5 years talking about ARV, and CASHFLOW. They read the free bigger pockets beginner guide. They have paid for training from one of the self-proclaimed real estate "experts" that are so plentiful on this website. They pay monthly to take part in the "private Facebook group" and guess what they have to show 5 years later.


They are still renting and paying for that private facebook group!

On the other side of the coin, you have a normal everyday person who purchased a home 5 years ago. They know nothing about investing, they know nothing about ARV, they would not even think about renting a home to someone else because they are afraid that tenant will "destroy the place"

This person is sitting on 50k or more in equity. (I just did a home evaluation for a seller that bought in 2012, and they have over 100k in equity! What could you do with 100k?)


Check out the infographic below that illustrates the cost of waiting to buy a home in Northern Virginia. Waiting costs money

Some of the most common questions I see from new members on the forum are "How do I find a mentor" How do I find comps" "How do I evaluate a deal" "What is the first step I should take with real estate" "Where do I begin"

Here is the answer to all those questions! Buy your own home!

1. You will get me as a mentor during the buying process

2. You can learn how to find comps

3. You can learn home to evaluate a home both physically and by the numbers

4. You will take the first logical step in your investing career

5. You will get an experienced guide to take you through the transaction

6. You can learn about negotiation and how to strategically plan the purchase and negotiation before it begins.

7. Plus much more.

Planning a purchase takes time so do not wait to contact a Realtor until you think you are ready. It's my job to get you ready. Too many future buyers make decisions based on what they think they know about real estate, or even worse, what their friends think they know. This is not a car sale, We need prep time to be strategic and get you the best deal possible on your home purchase.

Feel free to read my BP blogs here to get a feeling for who I am and how I operate.

If you feel I am the right agent for you, begin your home search by registering on my website. My website is powered directly from the MLS and is updated every 15 minutes, any other website has an update delay of 48 hours or more! www.imperiumhomegroup.com

If you have questions and just want to talk, feel free to reach out to me directly and I will be happy to discuss your goals, and get you on the right path to making a purchase in a reasonable time frame based on your individual situation.

I put together a FREE HOME BUYER GUIDE loaded with valuable information relating to purchasing a home. Click here, fill out the form, and get your copy now. http://bit.ly/2qXEqjt