I have done the math and verified the numbers for this duplex using the Rental Calculator supplied by Bigger Pockets. I am not the seller, nor do I represent the seller. I am a real estate professional who helps to find investment opportunities and act as the buyer's agent to negotiate the purchase. I have run the math for multiple different buying styles including:

Cash, unimproved, at list

Cash, improved, at list

Cash, unimproved, at $10,000 under list

Cash, improved, at $10,000 under list

Financed, unimproved, at list

Financed, improved, at list

Financed, unimproved, at $10,000 under list

Financed, improved, at $10,000 under list

These reports are available upon request if you are interested in taking a look. My only request is that if you should decide to purchase this property, you do so with me as your agent. 

Thank you,