Looking for a mortgage of $120,000

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Looking for a mortgage of $120,000 the home on Zillow is valued for $340,000 it's a beautiful contemporary Style three-bedroom 2200 square foot home in West Bloomfield Michigan 48324, one and a half acres, on a beautiful pond, walkout basement, Circle driveway, terms are negotiable asking for 8%, Good investment for a IRA


Cash Wizard Capital would love to provide the funding you need for this home.

Please call or text me at (305) 607-2104, or e-mail me at [email protected]

I’d appreciate the documentation you have on your deal via e-mail.



Hey Alan

I can probably get you lower than 8's on this one. Up to 30 years, with up to 5 years fixed. Go to my site and get me an application.

I am still looking for private money 

I can help you out.  I'm in Grand Rapids and would be open to a meetup

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