Communication is key. I've noticed many investors on the forums are just getting into the rental business & are confused as to the type & amount of communication they should expect to receive from their Property Management company. At Holton-Wise we believe in complete transparency as to exactly what level of service you can expect from us in every aspect of the Real Estate Investment & Property Management business. 

Below is an exert from our FAQ that goes over the level of communication an investor can expect to receive from Holton-Wise.


Q. How does Holton-Wise communicate with owners?

A. Holton-Wise provides all of our client's with a free online owner portal that can be viewed in real time. This portal will have the most up to date information on your portfolio of properties. This includes files such as tenant leases, repair estimates & invoices as well as events such as tenants moving in or out of your property, tenant rent payments & notifications if your account becomes delinquent. Other than that, Holton-Wise communicates with property owners on an as needed basis via phone or email. Holton-Wise prefers to use email communication over phone communication whenever possible. We find that email is much more efficient & effective. When we have a written record of communication it helps to avoid any miscommunications & the inevitable "he said, she said situation." Phone calls with a Holton-Wise team member can be scheduled within 72 hours & all emails will be returned within 24-48 hours. More information on our communication process & the owner portal can be found in the video below.

Holton Wise communication process

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