PHILADELPHIA LEADS - Probates, Housing Code Violations, Evictions

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I have very fresh probate, housing code violation and pending eviction leads available for the Philadelphia area. And, these leads will be yours exclusively.

Probates: I have probates available for Bucks and Montgomery counties only. Experts will tell you probate marketing can be a goldmine if approached correctly. What makes my probates the cream of the crop? Try getting this quality anywhere else:

* All of my probate data is freshest and most accurate available.

* All of my leads are filtered based on the types of properties you are seeking.

* I check ownership on all of the properties. As a result 100% of my probate leads have properties attached to them.

* I run each lead through the county assessor/appraiser’s office to determine property values and property types.

* All properties provided will be verified as off-market.

* These leads will be yours exclusively.

Philadelphia Housing Code Violation Leads: These can be a good source of locating potentially motivated sellers. Many are also absentee owners, faced with tenants creating issues with their properties. In addition to the basic violation info I can also verify property types, assessed values, actual owner mailing addresses, and can also verify these as off-market properties.

Philadelphia Pending Evictions: These pending eviction leads are different than the old aged eviction data. With these pending eviction leads you have a chance to reach the homeowner while the eviction is still in process and the tenant is still residing at the property. This is an opportunity to reach the landlords faced with headaches - trying to evict someone, racking up legal expenses and possibly enduring property damages. 100% of these are absentee owners.

The housing code violation and pending eviction leads reflect very fresh open cases. These aren't to be confused with old aged data and are "live" leads meaning the events are happening now versus something that happened weeks or months ago.

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