What cities have good buy&hold deals right now that are close to major airports?

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OK, I need to get some more deals done and I'm open to areas outside my current holdings in Vero Beach, FL.

What cities can you guys suggest that have good deals right now for buy&holds that are easily accessible via major airports? (and no long drives afterwards).

Availability of longer'ish term hard money (12+ months) in the 9%~ range would be good too, but I'm more concerned with the first question.

Thanks! :lol:

I know two private money lenders that will lend on buy & hold rental properties. One will do 7 or 10 year amortization at 12%, the other will do 25 year amortization at 8%. PM me if that is in the ballpark of what your are looking for.

Cris, You might want to consider the cities of Hapeville,Ga., East Point,Ga. and College Park, Ga which all surround one of the busiest airports in the world Hartsfield-Jackson. All three cities work very hard to keep there small town appeal and crime low. Here are the links to there city websites.


Just read that Porsche Cars North America will build its new headquarters in Hapeville,Ga. which will bring an estimated 400 jobs to the area. 

I cant help with the hard money.

Originally posted by Phillip Gainey:
You're going to have a hard time finding hard money at 9% unless you have a grandma with a fat IRA.


Maybe not hard money, but as you allude to private investors may be interested in 12+ month lending at those rates if the deal is right.

Have you checked the Phoenix metro area? Pricing from $60,000 for a 3/2 with rents from $900 to $1200. Major international airport with a U.S. Airways hub (think non-stop flights around the world). One of the largest universities on the continent (ASU). An affluent winter rental market. Need I go on? It's also closer to L.A.