Partner wanted on $2.5 million portfolio

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I have a 94 unit portfolio in Central/Northeast Ohio that I am purchasing in the next couple weeks. The acquisition price is right around $2.5 million. I am wrapping up appraisals now and should be in a position to close in the next two weeks. 

I am bringing $1.8 million to the table myself, on top of rehab costs, closing costs, appraisal costs, etc. I am looking for a partner(s) for the remaining $700k. 


I'd love to hear more about the deal you're working on. Let's get you connected to the funding you need. Check out our website for more information on who we are and our different lending programs.

Give me a call or email anytime today and we can get back to you with a quote ASAP.

971-350-9081 [email protected]

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