Looking for HML-- beat the terms I've been quoted!

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Hi all,

Looking to purchase my first place within the next 3 months and am shopping around for pre-approval from an HML. I've already been quoted 3 points upfront and 11.99 interest up to 200k. Taking the search to BP to see if there are any lenders that can offer better terms. Please PM if you think we can work something out!

Method: BRRRR

Length: 12 months

Price: 200k all in (including rehab)

@Charles Mitchell - welcome to the world of investing:) Happy to quote, but I'll need to know what city/state you will be investing, along with your credit score. You didn't mention the ARV that this lender is offering you?

I hope that you are not paying the "3 points upfront".  Origination Fees should be paid at closing, not up-front.


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