Hi Everyone,

Kuba Fietkiewicz here, founder of REIkit.com real estate investment software for house flippers, wholesalers, and buy and hold.

I have a question for you today: do you have many software subscriptions for the tools you need to run your business? Is it a hassle navigating through them all, flipping back and forth just to get the information you need for each deal? 

REI/kit will help you consolidate your software with one streamlined system designed to be an end-to-end solution that is completely integrated.

You'll have access to all of these tools in one dashboard:

  • Online Seller Lead Pages
  • Seller Leads CRM to house your leads
  • Bullseye ARV and Comps Adjustment tools
  • Premium Property Data
  • Rehab Estimates with Nationwide costs
  • Marketing Reports for your Lenders or Cash Buyers

  • For more details or to sign up for a full-featured, free and risk-free trial, click on this link: