Loan Needed (NEED HELP!!) - Residential Hard/Private $ in CA - Small Loan amt

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Hi all,

Usually I'm able to place most loans, however, I could use the help if someone out there has $ for this scenario:

62K Purchase in San Jacinto, CA
~22K to the table
~40K loan amount
Credit is ok - 660s

I only have 1 group who will go this low, and they want 45% down. Please advise if can help, refer, or advice, otherwise I will tell the borrower to save some more $ and wait. Thanks.


I don't have a recent appraisal. From what I know - comped out, tax assessment, equity in the property is basically nil. Whatever term is possible; they don't really have leeway on the rate/terms, etc. Group I have will do a 30 due in 7 for o/o. Borrowers are open.

Seems like this would be a tough sell for anyone other than possibly those lenders very familiar with the area: O/O, limited equity even w/ 35% in....