Webinar: How to Identify the Best Markets and Invest Out of State

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                           How to Identify the Best Markets & Safely Invest Out of State

Join me this Thursday for a free, informational webinar on how to safely invest in the best real estate markets regardless of where you live. Choose between 2 convenient times. 

We'll show you the top markets for cash-flow and how to safely invest outside of your home town.

We'll cover the following:

    * Which markets have the strongest economic/demographic trends
    * How to evaluate and choose a market
    * How to identify a neighborhood/property class without seeing it
    * How to safely invest outside of your hometown
    * How to think like an investor, not a landlord

                                   Space is limited so register today!

                                                   REGISTER HERE

@Mike D'Arrigo


I'm wondering if you will be doing another seminar like this one any time soon? I just found this thread and am very interested in learning about this. Thank you!

@Stephanie Strupp I won't be doing it again for a few months but here is a link to a recording of the webinar. 


@Mike D'Arrigo

Thank you for the information shared! It will definitely help me identify potential market. I especially liked learning how to evaluate different neighborhoods within a sector.

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