Join us for a Free masterclass about airbnb, corporate housing & short-term rent

Short-term rentals, ranging from vacation rentals to mid-term corporate housing to travel nurses and

more, can create double the cash flow for landlords.

For this masterclass, we brought in the nation’s leading authority on short-term rentals, Al Williamson

(also featured on the BiggerPockets podcast), to break down exactly what he’s done to double his profits

from traditional rental properties.

He covers:

 Furnished Rental Units

 Airbnb

 Corporate Housing

 Rental Arbitrage

And lots more. It’s a fun, fast-paced masterclass packed with information to help you decide if short-

term rentals are a good fit for you, whether you’re a veteran landlord or just getting started.

You can register for the limited-time replay here, and enjoy!