Looking for Private/Hard Money lender to finance my owner finance

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We just closed 2 owner financing deals last month and want to do more.. I am looking for lender who can finance my owner finance deals for 6-7% long term. 


Maybe we can help, but I need more info:

Amount needed?

What do you have in collateral?

What are you monthly revenues?

What is your FICO score?

What is your email address and phone number?

What type of property is it?

Where is the property located?

By the way, 6%-7% would depend on your credit rating among other things.

Hope to hear from you

Reggie Truss

Hey Vijaianand,

Get me an application. Depending on the type of Property, I probably can do better than the rate your seeking. 6-7% is about where we max out on long term loans.


Hello all, I want to be little more clear about my need. I already own 5 rentals and 2 owner finance properties. My DTI is already close to getting to saturated and only has room to buy one rental at a time. I don't want anymore debt to be stacked on my credit report. I also have my wife being MLO has acccess to conventional funding. No worries.

I need portfolio lender or private lender who is interested to give long term with decent rate so we can use to owner finance it. NO credit bureau reporting. 

@Sarah Montes Good to see you here. Thanks for all the help from you team to close on 2 owner financing last month. You should know someone who can do this financing for owner financing investors.. Do you know anyone? 

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