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Hi all, 

Hoping to put an offer on SFR in the LA County area for $785,000. Offer will come in at roughly $200k below market value, planning on investing $100-150k to bring the ARV to a conservative estimate of $1,150,000.

I have already successfully flipped a project in Santa Monica, finding a unit for $1,050,000, putting $150k into it and getting reappraisal after 4 months of just over $1.4mm. 

Looking for $985,000 loan at 8% with a 1 point. 

Hi Nick!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and offer some help. Quick update - I managed to secure financing from a private lender and wrote up and offer. Waiting to hear from seller. Let’s connect either way as I am sure there will be more financing opportunities to come! 

Hi Josh,

I know I'm late to game on this one, but I'd be happy to quote out future deals for you.

Good Luck

When you consider future deals, please consider using our business lines of credit as a partner in affordable housing... Its a smart decision to partner with HIPCO to help you on your journey as you "level up" your business and Investing or life style, while helping others as you help yourself along the way! ("HIPCO") Hamilton Investment Properties Community Housing Development Organization Click below to qualify as a partner. https://nationalcc.wufoo.com/forms/hamilton-investment-properties/ or Call (225)238-3923

Hi Alex! 

I will definitely consider HIPCO in the future. Not too familiar with the business, but happy to learn some more. 

Quick update on this deal - buyer went with a higher offer without offering a counter. Thanks to everyone willing and eager to lend a helping hand. 

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