My name is Ted. I am 47 today. I guess I got to this party a little late. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC as a transplant from Pennsylvania.

For the past year and a half I have grown my understanding of REI, by reading several Bigger Pockets books, listened to countless Pod Casts and attended as many Webinars as possible. I have learned a lot in that time. Now I am ready to put that knowledge I have gained to use.

The first deal is the most important. It begins the cascade to success, as I like to think of it. This is my first deal. I will provide the ground work, paperwork, closing, rehab and management. This is an opportunity for you to partner with me on the most important of stepping stones.

Your role will be a simple one, financially back the deal, make money and assist in your success and mine. Completely hands off; you can just sit back watch your money grow.

So what's my "skin in the game"? The answer: My time, reputation, pride, confidence and my future part in REI.

Please contact me so we can go over all the numbers, details and define our expectations. Great teams create great things.

Ted McBride