I need a lender that accepts bank statements. Please help.

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I'm looking for a legitimate lender, that can issue loans from 150k-200k and accepts bank statements as proof of income for a qualification. I'm self employed and use my business bank statement as a way to document my income. Hope there's something out there, if anybody can point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it. I need flexible lenders.

Leland, we accept bank statements, but I need more info:

Where is the property located?

What is your FICO score?

Any collateral?

What kind of terms are you looking for?

Monthly revenues?

What type of property is it?

We are flexible, we also need an email address and phone number.

Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss

Hey Leland,

If you're just rehabbing, I don't need any income verification at all! Actually, I have Stated programs all across the board, from 1-30 years, with great interest rates! I'm very flexible...

Get me an application and I'll have you a solid answer within 24hrs!


Thanks Montrell!! I appreciate it I’ll send it over now 

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