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We have long been known as the place to go when the banks say... "no". With our NEW LOWERED RATES-WE ARE THE PLACE TO GO FOR SBA 7A LOANS-PERIOD! Real estate based 7A loans now have rates as low as Prime +1.00% AND WE CHARGE NO BROKER POINTS! Combined with our fully refundable app fee, you get a much better deal than ANY local or major bank on the SBA 7A product.

-SBA 7A rates starting at Prime+1.0%**

-No broker points

-Refundable app fees (try that at a local bank)

-PLUS we hold your hand through the process helping you navigate the 7A waters

It's simple. You can do this yourself-take the time to get your loan documents together, go to your local bank, hopefully, get approved. You can navigate the SBA paperwork, navigate the bank approval process, and if denied start all over somewhere else. You will likely end up with a rate of prime +2.5% or more IF you get approved and don't go crazy first.

Or, have us do the heavy lifting, help navigate the process, get your terms in writing in 48 hours, hold your hand through to the closing AND you will likely get a BETTER RATE and NO BROKER OR LENDER POINTS! WHAT? The decision is no brainier. Get the best service, help AND the best rates and costs.....WHY GO ANYWHERE ELSE?

We can do Real Estate based deals, business only deals, startup, business acquisitions, partner buyouts, and working capital deals. IF you or anyone you know has a small business and they need capital for any reason, SO give me a call TODAY at 512-650-8630 or get started by completing the form .

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