Lots of people living in California, Portland or Denver go to the Midwest to buy property in cities like Cleveland, Toledo, Memphis, Detroit & Kansas City. The thing is buying properties out of state is tough. It can be scary. Do you pay a premium and have a turnkey company do everything for you? Or do you try to keep some more meat on the bone and do it yourself?

Building a team out of state can be even scarier than buying a property out of state. Don't worry though. My team here at Holton-Wise has sold over $100 Million to investors just like you. We have demystified the process of buying & renovating properties in the Midwest from far away locations like the West Coast & abroad.

Once you click THIS LINK I will be sending you 1 property offering every single day at 1pm EST. This offering may included 1 property or a portfolio of properties. Everything from single family homes that need total renovation to large apartment complexes that are already running like a well oiled machine.

Each one of these offerings is going to include a complete video tour & investment analysis which will included everything you as an investor want to or need to know about the property. This includes but is not limited to

  • Rent roll
  • Occupied or vacant
  • Needed repairs
  • Information on the neighborhood
  • Risk factor involved in the investment
  • Drone footage of the roof & surround neighborhood
  • Footage of the mechanical systems of the property (Hot water tanks, HVAC, Electrical etc...)
  • Information on the current tenants
  • Information on the tenant base expected for the property in the future
  • Information & referrals for how to finance the purchase

From there you just send me an email to make an offer. Once your offer is accepted my team will get to work on getting the deal closed, renovated, tenanted & cash flowing. Below is a complete video tutorial on every step of the process from going under contract to getting your 1st cash flow payment.

No smoke, no mirrors. Complete transparency.

1. Under contract / Escrow

2. Our Property Management staff will onboard your property into our Property Management portfolio

3. Utility account setup

4. The renovation process

5. Our leasing team will advertise your property for rent / interact with the tenants. You can see some of that tenant focused advertising here

6. Our Property Management team will screening & place your tenants