Acquistion Manager can be local or virtual

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We are seeking an Acquisition Specialist to join our  team someone who is passionate about real estate investing, someone with  experience finding investment properties and passionate about learning.

Job Posting Details

  • City: Cincinnati
  • State: Ohio
  • Remote position: no
  • Company: Marshallproductsllc
  • Experience: preferably some real estate experience
  • Skills: sales
  • Benefits: big pay checks
  • Benefits: commision
  • How to apply: 513 800 1532
  • Part time
  • Full time
  • Contract time

@Alexis Edwards sorry don't know why I didn't see this Alexis, there are no license required what we look for is someone who is knowledgeable or trainable in putting together off market deals or even making offers from the MLS and someone who is willing and able to do cold calling.

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