Hard money lenders in Washington state.

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Hi, I’m looking for a hard money or private money investment company that is legit, low/good rates where I don’t end up paying an arm or a leg. Ideally Someone that provides around 90% of purchase and rehab!! Please recommend any in Washington state. I’m a residential remodeler and have been doing flips for five years. Thanks for the input!

@Leland James

We offer a Fix and Flip Line of Credit for investors with at least 4 flips under their belt.  

It gets set up for 5 x your total liquid assets (100% of cash in personal/business + stocks, 70% of retirement, and 50% of any unused HELOC)

With the line you can draw 90% of purchase + 90% of rehab (up to 75% ARV)

Interest starts at 6.99%

It takes about 3 weeks to underwrite the line but once its approved you can take on as many projects at a time as you can handle

We do fund deals in Washington and I can generate a soft quote today for you to consider for your future flips.

Shoot me and email or give me call if you'd like to chat more about it and how it would work with your current strategies.

All the best, 

@Leland James

Look for Chris Robison at Emerald City Capital Funding. Good company to work with. 

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