Investor Friendly Loan Officer - Offering a Wide Range of Products from Beginners that are "House Hacking" to the experienced investor.

We have both conventional and portfolio products for residential property.

I work primarily with investors and so my team, of processing and underwriting are familiar and knowlegeable on investor financing.

I am always glad to provide guidance and assistance throughout the process.

Competitive Rates

Very Few Overlays For Investors.

Able to Follow Guidelines directly for Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac - allowing more flexibility with lending criteria.

Here are some links to some blogs I have written up to provide education on different Conventional Programs;

Conventional Investment Property Financing

House Hacking: Home Ready vs Home Possible

House Hacking with FHA Financing

BRRR; Cash Out Financing & Delayed Financing

Here is a link to a podcast I did providing more info on BRRR Financing

BRRR - What You Need To Know When Using The BRRR Method Podcast

Rate & Term Refinancing Properties 1-10

FHA 203k vs HomeStyle vs EZ - C Renovation Loans

House Hacking with a VA Mortgage


VA Renovation Loans

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