Hello to all,

In contract to close on a winery in co with 278 acres of active grow on it. 50 of it has vineyards and plan to implement a 60-100 acre hemp grow on it. Have buyers for the product aligned, a team who’ve had success in this field, and a turnkey farm ready for harvesting, just need a partner-investor whose interested in our goals.

(Jump to page 54-60 to get the core financial underwriting) more of what I feel you or victor would be interested in. 

Everyone is either considering jumping into Hemp / wants to / or know someone who does…this package is the play book on how to do that. And this project is the perfect vehicle.

We’ve removed a ton of risk from this upfront:

1) Negotiating Term Sheet with Buyer for 2019 Harvest

2) Partnering with TVM Wines out of Weatherford Texas for distributing Hemp Infused Wine. Currently they are the only FDA approved company to infuse wine and hemp (which is huge and extremely difficult, you need political connections to make that happen at this stage)

3) Emerald Cup Award winning team

Would love an introduction to anyone you know who’s flirting with the idea of doing a hemp project. I’ll save them a ton of confusion.

We’ve put a ton a time and energy into this so thanks for taking a look. 

The total project size is 9 mill mainly in hard assets, cash to close the deal is 3.6Mil but most of lenders we've been speaking with can get it done at 80% LTV which means total equity all in will be 1.9 Mill. however bc we have to close faster than lenders can underwrite the deal we have to close at 3.6 and reimburse upon loan commencement.

If Interested, request a response and will be happy to forward over package deal.