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Hello everyone,

Looking for a lender who will do 100% financing for fix and flip opportunities in Massachusetts for 25% of net profit. Flexible to other arrangements in terms of your costs, but firm on 100% financing. I am a realtor in the central/western mass area. Worcester county in specific. I would love to connect. Please send me a message here and we can go from there.

Thank you all for your time.

Thank you,

Sam Dias

@Samuel Dias just for some perspective we do 100% of purchase and rehab up to 70% of LTV in our market. I would check around your market with the local hard money lenders. You may not have to give up 25% of your profit. Good luck.

Mr. Dias, why not try being the bank yourself. Use your LLC, corporation or other business entity. Even as a start up just established, you can use our Business Lines of Credit for up to $300,000 https://nationalcc.wufoo.com/forms/hamilton-investment-properties/


If  interested click the link above for qualifications and to apply for your funding Nationally

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