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Hello Bp ! My name is Greg Rolston I am licensed full time real estate Investor /Agent who is looking to partner with other investors who have capital and are willing to invest resources to do huge campaigns in New Jersey were we lead the nation in foreclosed homes. Me and my team of agents would come in and purchase located properties as partners, or we our we can just be realtor affiliates who would act like boots on the ground for out of state investors. Lets get together and take advantage of the foreclosure market here in New Jersey!

We would like to explore a potential partnership with you. 

Project Manager Application

We are glad that you would like to work with us as a Project Manager on a fix and flip project.

To help us determine your qualifications, could you kindly please fill out the application on our website.

We look forward to working with you.

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About Us :

A Plus Real Estate Capital purchases, remodels & sells single family homes, condos, and commercial property nationwide.

We have an experienced team of in-house project managers, contractors, and strategic partnerships to accommodate in excess of 50 projects annually.

We have been involved in over 300+ fix and flip projects since our inception in 1997.

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