25K Hard Money Sought On $120k Free & Clear Property

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Looking for long term business relationship with hard money lender for ongoing project capital requirements.

I specialize in buying land and subdividing for outstanding profit.  Three land projects in portfolio.  Need to raise capital for planning department surveys, ect.  Fair credit.  Own collateral land free and clear.  $25k is 20% loan-to-value.  Contact me for deed, deed of trust, and all other documentation package.  Need funding by 5/15.

Mr. Calhoun, if you are unable to find the hard money you seek, please consider an alternative. Establish a LLC, Corporation or other business entity and borrow from it. Stop doing business subject to personal credit.

We have up to $300,000 waiting for Developers just like you interested in doing business through their businesses while protecting and improving their personal credit. Please see how it works with a click of the Link below, and apply on line here,  if you like what you see.


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