Looking for a mentor in the DC area

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I am looking for a mentor in the DC area. I hope to begin investing for cash flow through rental properties (long term or short term), and am looking for a mentor any way I can get one.

I cannot provide money or expertise, but I am willing to contribute man hours, grunt work or sweat equity. Whatever a current or former investor might need me for.

I have not done a deal yet, but I have a few hundred hours of learning under my belt, including:

- Several real estate and general investing books.

- Countless hours listening to the BP Podcast and examining the BP forums.

- A brief stint assisting in the management of vacation rental properties in Sedona, AZ.

- Experience working as an insurance underwriter for large construction projects.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know could use my help. I could also do the Baltimore area if that is where I am needed.


Finding a mentor can be very difficult but is a must to speeding up the learning curve.  It will give you more confidence and allow you to learn (hopefully) without any major mistakes.  

Are you going to local meetups?  Are you finding people in the area that are successful doing what you want to be doing?  

Find ways to provide value to them before you even meet them.  Like their posts on BP, share their content on social media, learn details about their company before speaking to them to show you have done your homework, etc.  

If you can, offer to work for free soon as you know someone that you want to mentor with unless you are doing a paid mentorship.  Let me know how I can help.  I am not far from you.  

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