Do you want TRUE Passive income?

You know - the kind of income where you don't have to deal with tenants, toilets and headaches.

Let me and my team deal with the headaches. We've acquired over 1,000 apartment units since 1999. 

Here's an example:

Here's a deal that has been FUNDED already but just to give you an idea of the kind of apartment deals that we encounter: (NOTE: you have to be an accredited investor or a real estate investor with a pre-existing relationship with Mike Ealy, or Nassau Investments to take advantage of our investment opportunities)

Acquisition Price: $1,650,000

Pro-forma Value: $2,400,000

# of Units: 42; Average rent: $590/month per unit

We found this deal in the Cincinnati sub-market. The rents in this building is under-market by at least $100/unit. We will increase the rents by putting in higher end interior finishes over the next 3 years.

Investment Needed: $400,000

Minimum Investment Required: $40,000

Return to Investors: Debt - 10% per year interest only payment (received quarterly)


For bigger deals (100+ unit apartments and 100+ room hotels), we also offer Preferred Shares to our investors (again, you have to be an accredited investor or has pre-existing relationship with Mike Ealy or Nassau Investments to take advantage of these investment opportunities).

Preferred Shares means, you get:

1. An interest income or yield on your investment (between 6-11%) AND

2. You get a share of the profits (between 30% to as high as 70%)

The benefit to you, the investor, is you get to participate in the upside AND at the same time, you get an interest income so you get paid FIRST, hence, Preferred.

Here's an example of a bigger deal that we are working on currently:

If you are an accredited investor and you're interested in having TRULLY passive income, email us at [email protected]