Short Term Funding Needed!

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I am looking for a person who can quickly fund a $20,000 investment for a period of 90 days turnaround for a $10,000 payback above principle. Chance to make quick return for sincere investor. Please contact if genuinely interested...

William, if you are still looking to fund your project, we are trying to get investors like yourself to "Self -Finance" deals up to $300,000 by using business lines of credit. If you are willing to operate your real estate business through a LLC or other business entity, we have Business Loans to Fund Real Estate deals and we fund start-ups using business credit lines through our relationship with major banks.

Please click the Link above, and apply on-line now. Remember we help Tote the Note on investments in "special Need" housing we manage. Also, we welcome Co-Signers and Business Start-Ups, funding them nationally.

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