Seeking Contractor for Duplex Conversion in Portland

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I’m seeking a contractor who can manage and execute the conversion of a 5-plex to a 4-plex in SE Portland (Sunnyside/Hawthorne neighborhood).  There is a longer term opportunity here to finish the 1,100 sq ft basement and develop the large side yard.  I’m seeking bids now and am looking to start the project in July.  Send notice of interest to [email protected]

Job Posting Details

  • City: Portland
  • State: Oregon
  • Remote position: no
  • How to apply: Send email to [email protected]
  • Contract time

Hey @John Jacobus if you possibly find a contractor you like but they need insurance or you need any insurance questions answered please feel free to reach out and I will get you the answer or coverage for whatever contractor you find. Either way I wish you the best.

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