Welcome Home Milwaukee (WHM) is seeking another property manager to ad to our team!  

Let's start with some bad news:

  • Dealing with residents on occasion can be challenging, patience is key!  If you have a short fuse or situations easily frustrated you (like repeating the same thing 5 different ways until it becomes understood) this gig isn't for you.
  • This role is retail, in that it's a 6 day a week job with occasional on-call duties.  We work 5-day schedules, but weekends will surely be involved.  
  • $40k Salary is definitely going to pay the bills, but you won't be retiring at 25 we get it. We hope everyone on our team catches the REI bug, we want to help build passive income for our teammates and have the experience to get it done.

Ok how about some good news:

  • We like to have fun.  Our office is relaxed, we joke around and try to make the work as enjoyable as possible.  
  • Our business is booming, future growth opportunities are an absolute potential. (but we hire with expectations that you'll be in that role for 18 months)
  • We own multiple businesses (construction, real estate, co-working), getting involved with more than just property management is an option down the road (if you want).

How do I get hired?

  • Send Matt an email - [email protected]
  • The email MUST have a smiley face in the subject line and must include something thoughtful about our company.  If you don't have the time to research our company, I don't have the time to read your resume.
  • Oh, and send a resume (if you have one).  Unless it's more than one page, then don't bother.

Look forward to chatting!  Thanks for reading this whole blurb (assuming you made it this far).


Job Posting Details

  • City: Milwaukee
  • State: Wisconsin
  • Remote position: no
  • Company: Welcome Home Milwaukee
  • Experience: Minimum 1 year in real estate
  • Skills: Empathy, Communication, Organization
  • Benefits: Awesome Workplace
  • Benefits: $40,000
  • How to apply: Email
  • Full time