Portfolio loan lender with good rates in Texas

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I am a real estate investor looking to get more mortgages to finance my acquisitions. I already have 10 mortgages and am no longer eligible for qualified mortgages. I am looking for portfolio lenders who is willing to make mortgages to me with good rates. I am mostly interested in single family homes and multifamily units at this point. I'd like to get below 5% if possible. We do have good W2 income and excellent credit. I found a local bank who closed a mortgage for me at 4% ARM. I felt it was too good to be true but I closed that one successfully. But they don't want to do that any more due to policy change. The other banks I asked mostly quoted me 5.75%.

Thanks for sharing any information on this. I am in Austin, Texas but I wouldn't mind working with any lenders in Texas. 

@Shanfeng Cheng - Our private lender network has NO cap on how many assets owned. We underwrite based on the quality of the asset, location, and DSCR. We can get to mid-high 5's on the rate based on those criteria (assuming 700+ FICO) - [email protected]

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