my team and I are looking for a capital partner for a package deal we have here in Baltimore in a desirable area. Here are the details if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to let me know

we are looking to structure the deal in a way where the capital partner in the deal would provide the EMD, down payment for both properties, closing costs, credit score, and recent bank statement showing that he/she is capable of coming on as a capital partner. Basically all the normal stuff underwriters that work with lenders need to close the deal

Here are the numbers

Hard money lender is providing 90% of the acquisition and 100% of the rehab requiring the Capital partner to simply need 10% into each deal. Keep in mind there are two properties being purchased so there will be two separate transactions but these are the numbers thus far for one property.

EMD- $500

Down payment- $8500

Points- $2,677.50

Processing fee- $1000

Appraisal- $450

Inspection- $150

Total $13,277.50

Fico score 680 or above

And most recent bank statement showing 30k or more in reserves

5%-8% interest rate for 6-8 months interest only payments which we would like to begin 30 days after closing to at least give us a chance to get some work done to the properties then full investment repaid once properties are stabilized with 30 year mortgage.

-We will manage the rehab

-pay the monthly interest payments to the HML( hard money lender)

-pay the capital partner their monthly interest payments

-pay holding costs

-pay for any additional appraisals and inspections.

-pay for listing and any other tenant placement services