We are applying for a Personal Loan to pay down the balances on our Personal Credit Cards to Qualify for Acquiring Business Credit Cards.  The Requirements For Our Personal Loan ask for (2) Guarantors for the Loan Amount we are applying for. The Loan Co. Require that the Guarantor has Most Accounts in their Credit Report by reported as "On Time", Credit Score or DTI. will NOT be Considered.   We will pay an Initial Fee of $300, once your application is approved by the Loan Co.  The Loan Terms are: Loan Amount: $10,000., $288. Monthly Payments for 36 Months. We will make all Payments On Time. Your Obligation will be Secured by a First Lien Mortgage on a Free and Clear Property, and a Vehicle Title.  We will Pay a Final Fee of $1,000., Plus 5% Monthly Interest, at the Loan Payoff.  We Plan to Pay Off the Personal Loan in 60 Days. When the Personal Loan is Paid Off Your Fee will be Paid and Liens Released, as well as Your Guarantor Obligation.  If Agreed We will send you a PDF Application, and Once Approved, we will send out a Attorney Prepared Fee Agreement, Pay the  Intitial Fee after Signed Fee Agreement, and also send out the Lien Documentation. You can Contact Us by PM [email protected], and Text or Leave a Voice Message at (216) 235-2739.